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Computer/ Laptop/ Branded Desktop sale and repair

Planning to buy a Laptop, Desktop or any computer devices ? Apple info technology is the right place to in market. we give accurate information about brands, costing, quality and other aspects of a Products.We also provide quality service and after-sales-support. We provides a wide range of branded laptops and PCs, like HP, Compaq, Lennovo, Acer, Toshiba etc and helps the customer to choose the right one.

CCTV Camera Security Solutions

We provide scalable and intelligent monitoring solutions that incorporate high-resolution CCTV cameras for enhanced image quality at low bandwidth, optimized storage, coupled with intelligent digital recording and analysis. We offer these solutions with robust communication backbone over fibre optic, LAN, wireless and other technologies based on the requirement and existing infrastructure availability, along with options of remote monitoring and recording, including Cloud Solutions.

Vechile GPS Tracker Sale and Services

Apple info technology is India's popular GPS tracking brand used for asset GPS tracking, Vehicle security, and M2M solutions. Our user-friendly mobile and web applications let the users manage their assets (Car, Bike, Truck, Bus, Employees, Pets, Kids, Luggage, Valuables) from anywhere across the globe.

Biometric System and Intercom Solutions

Door phone systems perform a simple but important function. Door phones allow one to communicate safely with visitors without any need for physicall interaction with them. By installing a door phone system you will increase not only your home security, but also the convenience of managing daily household chores. Some video door phones come with a remote control enabling you to observe your front door from anywhere in your house. Thanks to such a system, your children will not have to interact with strangers at the door when you are not in a position to answer the door yourself.

Hardware Server Solutions

Altrigen provide servers for all purposes, from entry level workgroup servers to multiple server installations with failover. All Altrigen server solutions are designed for to suit the clients current business and plans for growth. All servers we install have hard drive redundancy in the form of mirrored drives or a RAID array, and every system has a server operating system and a backup solution, we don’t believe in providing a server in name only.